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To say that moving cross-country was stressful is an understatement, but to locate & win a bidding war in Illinois first, then put our California home on the market & close escrow on both houses within 2-1/2 months was monumental. With Deb & Laura’s expert guidance, we were able to find the perfect home for us. They took the time to ascertain the type of house we were looking for, the areas in which we were interested, & put together an impressive group of listings to meet our criteria. The house chose met all our requirements and then some. We were fortunate that they provided us that listing before it was sold! The Cuchna Stebbins Team was always available to answer questions throughout the process. They knew all the experts in every field who could provide the answers we needed. They hooked us up w/a lender to provide a bridge loan. We had peace of mind on the purchase! We would definitely direct any friends and family looking to buy or sell a house to the Cuchna Stebbins Team! 

- Dean & Aneta, Oswego

We highly recommend the Cuchna Stebbins team.  We appreciated their experience, advice, professionalism and dedication at every phase of the process.  We were in a time crunch and had very specific parameters as to the type of house we needed to purchase.  They were understanding and flexible and had many creative ideas to help locate the right place for us within the tight timeframe we needed.  They provided valuable guidance to help us decide whether to move forward with a property or to keep looking for another.  They recommended highly-skilled inspectors who did a phenomenal job inspecting properties for us.  They were expert advisors and negotiators of the terms of the contract.  Even in the closing, their experience and exceptional communication skills were needed, and, boy, did we appreciate their presence.  We would hire them again and again!   


Thank you

- Ajay & Tina, Naperville