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We highly recommend the Cuchna Stebbins team.  We appreciated their experience, advice, professionalism and dedication at every phase of the process.  We were in a time crunch and had very specific parameters as to the type of house we needed to purchase.  They were understanding and flexible and had many creative ideas to help locate the right place for us within the tight timeframe we needed.  They provided valuable guidance to help us decide whether to move forward with a property or to keep looking for another.  They recommended highly-skilled inspectors who did a phenomenal job inspecting properties for us.  They were expert advisors and negotiators of the terms of the contract.  Even in the closing, their experience and exceptional communication skills were needed, and, boy, did we appreciate their presence.  We would hire them again and again!   


Thank you

- Ajay & Tina, Naperville

Laura and Deb are amazing! My husband and I were relocating to IL from MN, and they made the process stress-free and even fun. They did so much legwork to research and preview neighborhoods, schools, commute routes, and even looked at the individual homes to make sure they were worth our time given we were driving from MN and time was limited. They were invested in making sure we bought the right house rather than the first house we liked. We really appreciated how thorough, hard-working, and experienced they were. Laura consistently went above and beyond, always had a sense of urgency with questions or concerns that we had, and she was so fun to work with. I would highly recommend The Cuchna Stebbins Team, and look forward to working with them again in the future. Thank you so much!!! 

- Jay & Tammy, Sugar Grove